The Media Want You Talking About ‘Paigons’, But Not Why Theresa May Is One


The most hilarious definition 0f the word ‘paigon’ the internet has to offer is reads:

‘Somebody who brags about being real but lies to you, about you, about someone/something else to you.’

So when Stormzy said:

Where’s the lie?

She’s pretty much the wicked witch of the west.

Cutting benefits to the disabled? Check.
Pro bombing children? Check.
Pro letting the elderly freeze to death? Check

All she’s missing is flying into parliament on a broom stick.

So for all intents and purposes, Theresa Mary May is a paigon. So why then is the conversation centred around Stormzy’s use of the word ‘paigon’ and not Theresa’s ‘paigon’ practices? Why is there so much focus on the slang? Well let’s say Stormzy said:

I really don’t like paigons

As that’s not really newsworthy; the focus would’ve simply have been on Stormzy’s award win. If he said:

‘Theresa May’s a silly billy’

Of course they would question the authenticity of his background:

Street’ rapper Stormzy uses words like silly billy’

If he had called May a ‘c_nt’; the conversation would centre on the sexist nature of the word and focus on the more violent and misogynistic aspects of his music and the genre.
Whatever he said, the result would always have been the same; talk about EVERYTHING but Theresa May.

With chat show appearances, viral tweets and mama Storm becoming a national treasure, it’d be easy to think that Stormzy’s opinion would be respected as he moves deeper into the mainstream. The truth is the mainstream media will decide exactly how much power they give to rappers. They will hail them as the ‘Next Big Thing‘ to appeal to a younger audience; but the moment that rapper has something important to say, under the bus they go.

In a 2009 interview FOX News praised rapper Common’s music:

‘Your music is very positive…you’re known as the conscious rapper.’

Fast forward just 3 years later and they were calling his music ‘cop-killing‘ and ‘misogynistic‘.
When Common served a purpose to demonise hip hop, then Fox praised his positive take. But when he was invited to The White House by Obama, suddenly he’s a misogynistic cop-killer. FOX News never cared for Common, he was just serving a purpose. And the same goes for Stormzy.

It’s a tactic the media use time and again, dividing by class and race. If this were Liam Gallagher making these comments, regardless of how true they were, his ‘thuggish’ past would be called into question, despite it being over 15 years ago. And if it were some straight middle class white man, they’d probably dig up some pictures from when he was arrested for being drunk and disorderly during his uni days.

As Stormzy is a young, intelligent, black man they do what they have always done an ‘other’ him. By focusing so much on slang; they paint young black men as aliens from another planet, with their own coded language, who dress in tracksuits and stab each other at carnivals under the cover of clouds of weed smoke. They do this to distract you from the fact that Theresa May is so unpopular that members of her own party have suggested she’ll be out of a job by Christmas. Theresa May is so unpopular that dead-beat dad and anti-abortionist (under ANY circumstances) Jacob Rees Mogg is the favourite to take her job. Theresa May is so unpopular that despite her promise of a ‘strong and stable‘ Brexit she’s being laughed out of the negotiation meetings. And that’s why it’s important to ‘other’ Stormzy, because he looks just like you and me. The average people that make up this country. And most importantly, the victims of Grenfell Tower. And if you agree with his message, then you’ll be reminded that her handing of the Grenfell Tower tragedy has resulted in at least 20 suicide attempts and she is REFUSING to pay for new homes for the victims.

It’s important to them that we discuss slang rappers use instead of why someone would call Theresa May a paigon. Grenfell was a rare occasion where both left and right were on the same side and agreed that Theresa May was a joke and that public anger resulted in this:

A few celebrity charities appeals later and as with anything it’s being brushed under the carpet while the victims still have yet to receive ANY kind of justice. Everyone retreats back to their corners and Theresa May gets to quietly continue carry on being a paigon. But this isn’t the 90’s. This isn’t even 2009. The papers and the news don’t have the power they once did. A tweet at the right time can say more than any newspaper front page can. And they know this, so instead of trying to lure you in with scaremongering on the front pages, they derail important conversations.

So the next time a rapper makes a politically charged statement, watch how the media tackles it and see what they’re trying to hide.