The Junkyard Golf Club is the place to chill!

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Earlier this month (2nd of March), The Junkyard Golf Club officially reopened at The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. The vibe, drinks and games were fantastic! The Junkyard Golf Club have introduced three new courses plus six new pimped up bars, which is guaranteed to give you a whole new experience:

Pablo transports players from a treehouse, past a deep-cave-bear-wrestling-cage via a Rihanna themed forest, obviously. Not to mention a stopover at Rio-On-Sea.

Bozo is not for the fainthearted given its circus freak inhabitants. Winner takes all in Junkyard’s dark homage to all things carnival. A Ferris wheel, hall of mirrors and some damn scary clowns – time to run away from the circus.

Gary is firmly implanted in Junkyard’s roots, a good old-fashioned scrapyard challenge. Tyre loop-the loops, a salvaged slide, Gary’s UV garage rave and more.

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Even though the Golf club was launched less than a year ago, it’s made a huge impact on the social scene. Celebrity spots at the venue have included the likes off Little Mix, Tom Hardy, Jonathan Ross and loads!

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