The Future Of Grime At The ‘Industry Take Over’



Saturday October 1st saw North Greenwich play host to the annual ‘Industry Takeover All Dayer‘. 2016 being a slightly different year than previous as UK music and in particular grime has taken larger steps into the mainstream, with Skepta’s Mercury win and Stormzy becoming a household name the excitement was palatable.

With various talks, performances, workshops and industry professionals, the atmosphere was excitable as opposed to how oppressively desperate these events tend to be with forced networking and intro’s like ‘Wiley’s dad’s best friend is interested in managing me!’.

This time, everyone seemed to be there to learn from the professionals or to celebrate the place that UK music is in right now.

The event can pretty much be summed up by one of the performances. When commenting that we were watching a performance and not a talk; a man sat next to us overheard ‘It’s a performance?’ got up and left. Which says everything about the level of attendance to the main talks. When it’s something people really care about the room is silent with a captive audience. People were more concerned with knowledge than partying.

Arguably the biggest panel was ‘Grime 2.0: Debate The Future Of Urban Culture‘ featuring Big Zuu, Cheeky (Eskimo Dance co-founder) DJ Magic (No Hats, No Hoods,) Rooney Keefe (Risky Roads), Chip and hosted by long-time grime journalist Laura ‘Hyperfrank’ Brosnan.

The discussion got into the beginnings of the grime and its current standing in the mainstream. We got some Matrixesque musings from Chip about the ‘agents’ and how they affect the music and it’s origins. And even a little light shed on Chips decisions in the music industry as far as music that some fans may have felt he was forced to make. Well he wasn’t, according to Chip every single song he made was entirely his decision. Chip and Big Zuu also discussed why they feel grime fell out of favour; Laura a thankfully involved host, had no problem disagreeing with and challenging members of the panel on grime history and things they simply may missed. Grime being so relevant meant that this is what the panel needed, as opposed to simply celebrating accomplishments.

We also got into the process of selling vinyl, with DJ Magic telling tales of how people used to make money in grime before real money was in shows. So naturally it became a time warp with Chip talking about his come up from getting the train to radio, to using headphones as microphones.

For the audience though, Big Zuu had the best advice. He recanted a story where he travelled to a terrible radio station in Enfield on Christmas eve. Meaning the story is the same as any really; if you want it, you have to be willing to push everything to the side, even singing the Jackson 5 Christmas album with your aunties.

Honestly if you attended the event hoping to get into the music industry at all; and found nothing useful, then the music industry isn’t for you. Because it’s almost certain that there was someone in attendance that will be in the spotlight sooner or later.