The First Episode Of #GoalDiggersPodcast Is Here!

Goal Diggers Podcast

The first episode of brand-new podcast Goal Diggers Podcast is here, discussing all things football from the female perspective.

Every so often, the football is on and Twitter goes crazy with opinions and observations. Whilst there is a battle between supporters, there is also a battle between males and females, where some men think that the female opinion on football is invalid due to their gender. Well, girls do watch football too, and the Goal Diggers Podcast is here to provide a safe space for women to talk all things footy!

The first episode is here now, and not only is it interesting but it’s also a powerful move. From the conversations taking place, it’s clearly evident that these women really share a keen interest in the sport, and know enough to inform those of us who have no clue about football. Whether you’re a man that thinks “girls shouldn’t talk about football”, or you’re a girl that loves the sport, there is something for all of you in this podcast. It’s a calm, and enjoyable, episode—and we look forward to the upcoming shows.

Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud below, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter. Don’t forget to hashtag #GoalDiggersPodcast!