The Chicken Connoisseur launches ‘The Crep Chronicles’

chicken connoisseur

With over half a million subscribers on YouTube and a book scheduled to release in October later this year, what could be next for Elijah Quashie, The Chicken Connoisseur? Fans of the series will know that the creator of ‘The Pengest Munch’ has a special place in his heart for trainers, which is why it comes as no surprise that his new project focuses on exactly that. Yesterday, Elijah released ‘The

Yesterday, Elijah released ‘The Crep Chronicles Ep. 1: Crepe City Spesh’, which you can watch below:

The video features Elijah at a Crepe City event, where he showcases a variety of trainers – mainly from Nike’s Air Max series – along with some brilliant cinematography, courtesy of Brandon Bailey. Of course, at the end of the video, the group end up in a chicken shop.

This video was posted to the Chicken Connoisseur channel seemingly as a preview for what’s to come on Elijah’s new channel, ‘Crep Connoisseur’, which is currently at 1500 subscribers. If you’re a fan of Elijah’s videos and you share his passion for trainers, then make sure you head over to the channel, subscribe and stay tuned.