Talay Riley – Going to California Review


Any R’n’B fan would have been eagerly anticipating the release of a Mixtape/LP from singer songwriter Talay Riley. The 19 track strong tape is the only body of work, which genuinely embodies classic R’n’B material. With no intro’s, interludes, skits or fillers, adding the fact that it contains two singles, which are currently on iTunes! Going To California, from the outset looks like a solid piece of work. So what are we waiting for, lets get in this!

Going to California kicks off with that classic, 90’s vibe baby music anthem, B.S.E. (Best Sex Ever). This one is one of the stands out tracks. Talay goes in with the songwriting and vocals. The adlibs add the much-required extra depth to these kinds of songs, which has been forgotten about in resent years.

One other stand out song is Bedroom Gangster, reminiscent of Trey Songz, but Talay delivers another knock out blow with this. The standard of his baby making music on songs like ‘B.S.E’ and Cuban Cigar are unrivalled, in terms of his UK counterparts.

The R’n’B art form has evolved extensively over the years adopting influential sounds from other genres of music, especially electro/dance. Many true slow jam lovers despise this. But it never fails in the clubs. Talay has utilized this niche and made it his own in the songs like Shut up & Kiss Me and Radiance. The simplicity of the lyrics couple the bubbly, up-tempo beat in holy matrimony. These two will be ringing off in clubs from London to Lanzarote.

The crux of this mixtape lies with the pop power ballads such as Missing you, Ghost, Go Getter, Champion and Homicide, whilst these songs are disposable, they offer easily listening to any new Talay Riley fans chiefly the younger audience. Seasoned listeners are due to pay little attention to these.

The significance of the slow jam is prevalent in Going to California. Wowzers, Stillness and Gravity are written for the females more than anyone else, the lyrics hold much emotional attachment. Making these songs and making them correctly will give any singer long last longevity and mold a strong fan base

On a whole Going to California is well-rounded and complete body of work. I can imagine hundreds of young ladies putting this tape on whilst they get ready for a night out and listening to certain songs at their loneliest times. The music can be generic at times, but so what! You can count the UK’s R’n’B singers on 1 hand! It’s about time the UK had top drawer R’n’B singer with the credentials to be a superstar. Lets hope his label spend lots of money on his subsequent album.

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By Joey Pixel

Edited by Tanya Royes