Stormzy sends for Daily Mail in twitter rant


South London rapper and man of the moment Stormzy, has again sent for the Daily Mail on Twitter after they posted an article, suggesting that Grime music glorifies the use of cannabis, and they mentioned his name.

Their article read ‘Popular grime artists such as Stormzy are fueling the use of ‘skunk’ by treating cannabis as ‘product placement’ in their chart-topping songs, researcher warns’.

The article suggested that the genre Grime glorifies the use of cannabis and that by mentioning it so heavily in music, it is acting as a product placement and young kids are therefore looking up to these Grime artists and will also smoke cannabis. Stormzy, and many other people, had a lot to say to go against this.


He also then shared the music video to his song ‘Cigarettes & Cush’ as if to say a further fuck you to the Daily Mail.

When Stormzy shared the Cigarettes & Cush video, I genuinely LOL’d. I have strong feelings of dislike towards the Daily Mail, it is a right wing, politically incorrect, racist, offensive, poorly researched and written publication. Stop coming for our scene and focus more on your own platform and being a better, less racist, less right winged publication.