Squashing Beef Within The Music Industry: Why It Sends A Good Message


 Over many years, artists in the industry have seemed to have feuds and arguments, and it’s no wonder as the music industry is hugely competitive and the public thrives off drama, disses and general beef. More recently, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s beef is all over the media. However, we’ve seen a few artists who have had on-going feuds for years, publically squashing their seemingly never-ending beefs and it really sends a good message.

Lethal Bizzle recently sent a tweet out:

This caption is about the beef that Tinie Tempah and Chip have had on-going since 2014. in 2014, Tinie Tempah did a freestyle in which he may, or may not have, indirectly dissed Chip about his inability to manage himself and his collab with Meek Mill, ‘Pizza Boy’. In 2015, Chip made the beef public on the radio, where he dissected Tempah’s freestyle, and since then both have publically dissed each other. Chip has called Tempah a ‘coward’ and Tempah has mocked Chip for losing his record deal with Sony. They both produced a few diss tracks, like Chips Pepper Riddim and Tempah’s Peak which featured Stormzy and Bugzy Malone. However, it’s great to see that the pair have, what looks like, made amends as Lethal Bizzle and the pair took a selfie together in Ibiza. Even though the tweet wasn’t posted by either of them, it shows that Chip and Tempah are at least civil and we won’t be expecting any more diss tracks.

Similarly, Meek Mill and Drake squashed their beef recently which started three years ago over a series of Meek Mill’s tweets stating that Drake doesn’t write his own raps, and if Meek knew this he wouldn’t have included Drake’s verse in R.I.C.O. Meek also implied that Drake wasn’t as good as J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar. Drake stayed relatively quiet throughout, and then unleashed Charged Up, rumoured to be aimed at Meek. A number of Drake’s tracks after this had subliminal disses towards Meek, and the rest is history.

However, recently, a major corner was turned- Drake brought out Meek Mill at his Aubrey and The Three Migos show in Boston. Philadelphia 69ers co-owner and friend of Meek, Michael Rubin posted an Instagram video of the pair on stage with the caption ‘Legendary.’ Anthony Hilliard, Future and Drake’s personal photographer, posted some snaps of the pair hugging, stating that it was the ‘most genuine’ embrace. There was a rumour that Meek might make an appearance, and it was really good to see this follow through.

It’s really refreshing to see both pairs squashing their beef and spreading a hugely positive message- that even though someone, or a group, might have had beef with people, even for years, it’s never too late to squash it. We really need messages spread like this due to how much violence is happening in London right now. The public reconciliation could really do some good and have an impact, as people look up to these individuals in the music game.