Spotify Reveals 146% Increase in US Listening to Giggs


So Drakes amazing album was released two days ago and apart from the hundreds of new captions for Instagram and the talk of the complete different sounds the playlist features, one thing that has been talk of the countries, or shall I say battle of the countries is…. GIGGS!

With Giggs being featured on not one but two tracks on the playlist, many US listeners have made it clear they either have no clue who Giggs is, or they ain’t feeling the kid. Funnily enough Spotify revealed that since More Life dropped there has been a massive 146% increase in Spotify users listening to Hollowman Giggs!

I guess you can say, maybe they don’t know who he is but they certainly want to know more…. Could this be the breakthrough Giggs wanted? Let’s me honest Giggs deserves this recognition without or without Drake but for now MORE LIFE!