Spotify Presents ‘New Who We Be’ Podcast


In November 2017 when Who We Be manifested as a gig presenting frontrunning UK Rap and Grime in the form of Giggs, Stefflon Don and J Hus to name a few, there was a sense of something great transpiring, if only for the positive trajectory booming from these genres. Having stemmed initially from Spotify’s playlist, Who We Be, now at once a notable name with a healthy number of subscribers, has now branched into a regular podcast, every 2 weeks, beginning with South London rapper, Dave.

The development was seen through by Austin Darbo (Senior Editor at Spotify), who has kept abreast of the scene and contributed effectively, as evidenced in recent progress of Grime gaining an official category on the expansive music streaming service. Enlisting DJ Semtex (2018 Wireless Festival Host), to produce and host the podcast, he expressed his thoughts on the move:

The HipHop raised me podcast was the 'behind the scenes' or the directors cut to the book. Unfiltered, uncut, in depth conversation with the people that define the culture. I’ve worked with Austin Daboh for years, I value his opinion on music, he has nothing but sincere integrity and respect the culture. I’ve witnessed him fight for artists and the scene while he was working at 1xtra, he’s played a pivotal but unsung role in breaking the careers of most of your favourite rappers, and now with his ‘Who We Be’ platform at Spotify he is relentlessly pushing things further. Disrupting the music industry, rewriting the rules, making the game a level playing field for your favourite artists. So when Austin reached out to me about producing and hosting the official Who We Be podcast, there was only one inevitable outcome. I’ve levelled up; new podcast, new bigger, innovative platform, this is a game changer. Every 2 weeks you will hear unfiltered, uncut, in depth conversation with the people that define Hip Hop, UK Rap, Grime, Afro Swing, etc. This is our culture. This is who we are. This is who we be.

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With affiliates of the music industry regularly coming together via podcast or radio platform, Who We Be’s addition is a needed one, adding to memorabilia of hot UK Music that has gone disregarded for too long.

You can catch the first episode with Brit Awards British Breakthrough Act nominee, Dave, discussing his inner-city roots and the story behind the Wanna Know Remix featuring Drake here