Spotify implements songwriter and producer credits for IOS users


I’m sure you can all agree, that all fans of music and artists and producers themselves were thrilled when Spotify confirmed that it was finally adding songwriter and producer credits to its platform in February and the feature has now been implemented and rolled out to iOS mobile as of August 13th.

Spotify subscribers using iOS can now view credits to songs within the Spotify app but ONLY as long as the information has been provided by record labels to Spotify, so unfortunately not all artists have their credits on there.

When using a mobile credits are accessed through the button with three dots that appears next to each song and by clicking on ’Song credits’ at the end of the list.

When using a desk top, you can right-click on a track and select ‘Show Credits’ from the options menu for information on performers, songwriters and producers.

However efforts are being made to complete missing credits, which will come directly from publishers, songwriters and societies in the near future.

I think this is an absolutely amazing idea as it is so deserving for not only the artist, but ALL people involved in getting the appropriate credit and recognition.