Soulja boy has more beef but this time it’s personal…


Soulja Boy is involved in yet more beef and this time it’s a family affair. Soulja has hit back at his mum and brother after a video was released by his brother claiming that Soulja does not take care of his family despite being a self-proclaimed millionaire.

Soulja Boy’s blood brother John Way has also released a diss track recently as well as posting a video to social media where his mum confirms that she is still living in the hood.

Soulja responded on IG Live as well as twitter saying that his mum was a crackhead and that he used to give her $100,000 a month which she managed to throw away. Soulja Boy has now responded further in a twitter rant aimed at all of his family members that he says have been dragging his name through the dirt despite him helping them financially.


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