Sneakbo deserves an award…


In this life accreditation is everything. Status, gratitude and awards all equate to how great a person really is. Everyone is fighting for that blue tick on twitter. You know there’s a difference when someone tweets with that verification, they are taken way more serious in the social world.

Let’s take to reality now. Awards! In the UK urban music scene we have the Mobo Awards and of recent GRM rated awards. It’s come to my attention that Sneakbo has not received a Mobo award, or even received nomination for one.

It’s quite surprising considering that he has the UK’s second national anthem. ‘Touch ah Button’ released back in 2010 was such a banger that my mum probably knows the lyrics to the song. In saying that shouldn’t he be awarded for his work so far? His unique and catchy rhythm makes him unarguably one of the UK’s best artists. Considering he’s professionally been in the game for over 7 years.

It has been a rough few years for him, losing his best friend Gora, his involvement with the police, the fall of Brixton. To be able to remain consistent and stay firm says a lot about him.

I believe that everyone will agree with me when I say that Sneakbo deserves some form of acknowledgement. It does get frustrating seeing artists who have put in a lot of work, not getting the acclamation deserved. Majority of artists that started at the same time as him, ‘Benny Banks, Joe Black, English Frank, Political Peak and many more have disappeared from the face of music.

With his EP ‘Brixton’ on the way, it sure will turn a few heads and give Sneakbo the look he deserves.