Slauts Releases Highly-Anticipated Debut ‘FRNDS’

slauts frnds

Slauts releases his debut single FRNDS, which is now available to stream on digital platforms.

South London-hailing upcoming rapper, well-known for his big twitter personality, Slauts has released his highly-anticipated debut track, and it’s spreading like wildfire. After teasing his social media following with a snippet of the track, back in December, Slauts has finally delivered the impressive single FRNDS.

Produced by Scratch, FRNDS is a vibe, from its wavy beat, to the distinctive accent the artist uses to deliver cheeky lyricism. The track has smooth elements and trap elements, making it versatile, and attractive to listeners with an eclectic taste in music.

Speaking of his unique delivery, Slauts claims that he learnt to roll his r’s whilst learning French, and ended up incorporating it into a gimmicky way of talking. His peers call his sound “talking with your cheekbones”, which is fitting as when listening to the track, it sounds like Slauts is smiling from cheekbone to cheekbone.

It is an interesting debut track, with its uniqueness guaranteed to push it far. Keep up with Slauts on Twitter, as he is due to release a video and photo shoot, for FRNDS, soon.

You can stream FRNDS below, and let us know your thoughts on our socials.