Looking Forward To The Drop? Check Out Shayne Brown!

Link Up TV The Drop: Shayne Brown

It’s that time again! The Drop is back for the third time in 3 months with yet another talent filled lineup – set to be yet another massive occasion not to be missed!

This month sees us bring 5 more extraordinary acts of different levels and styles together to light up the stage at our secret London Venue yet again. By now you should already have your tickets and, or your name down on the guest list – with a plan of how to get to the venue with your allotted +1’s and friends alike.

To give you a little more insight into what to expect on the night we have decided to give you a short but sweet rundown of what the artists performing are all about. First up we’ll tell you a little about the sweet but street Shayne Brown.

Hailing from Edmonton, North London, Shayne Brown is a regular fixture on Link Up TV, dropping visuals to his wavey releases on our channel on so many occasions that we just had to bring him through to bless the stage, for the ladies in the building especially.

His latest release, Yuh Remind Me, has definitely been making waves on our channel of late, with the rapper incorporating some classic R&B bangers from Craig David and Usher, respectively, into the lyrics it was always going to be a winner, accompanied with that fresh, enticing Afro Bashment instrumental just to top it all off!

So, we did call Shayne Brown “sweet but street” a little earlier in this post, and that was for a reason. Don’t let the multifaceted rapper, director, song writer and so much more – fool you with his charming songs for the ladies, he is an artist with different dimensions to his craft.

What did you really expect from Shayne though? We do appreciate that while we might be doing so a little here, it isn’t good to stereotype, but he is from Edmonton, so, yeah, we think this might be a mitigating factor as to why his music may be representative of both sides of the coin at times when you may not necessarily expect it.

Last Night in Edmonton provides exactly the above, as Shayne Brown delivers some thought provoking, authentic bars, in quite a creative, well put together music video. This one sees the rapper break down some of the trials and tribulations he’s faced growing up in his hood; detailing happenings that too many of us in these London streets will be all to familiar with if you grew up somewhere similar.

Let us know who you’d like to know a little more about next, as we’ll be running through all of the acts performing on the night daily from today right up until the big night on Thursday!