Rihanna tones down sexy look and bring simple back.

Rihanna is talking that talk about taking care of her body, voice and soul.
The 23 golden singer  is infamous for  sex appeal , but she has considered to revert back to the soft appearance from when she first started. Hence the toned down colours of her chestnut brown and gold hair.
In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, she said:
“I kinda just wanted to scale right back instead of having a look. I didn’t want to make it such a big deal about what hair colour or what cut.” she continued, “I just wanted to go right back to something simple and something flexible, something a little more natural. It’s more about the music. I don’t want to become a gimmick ever.”
Rihanna will perform We Found Love alongside Rebecca Ferguson on the X-Factor results show this Sunday.

By Vanessa Felix

Edited By Tanya Royes