Results: Let The Facts Do The Talking #IndustryTips


There’s no better feeling than something going well, especially when you haven’t had to put much time into it. Hard work pays off, of course, but there’s a sense that things that don’t flow quickly and easily might not be for us. Being lucky enough to have something take off immediately is worn as a badge of honour positioning you as a master in your field.

Effort on the other hand can be perceived as you not being very good at what you do because you’ve had to spend time figuring out something that didn’t happen instantaneously. But what if the true masters are the ones amongst us who go the extra mile in everything they do to arrive at the point of mastery.

“I will be magic, I will be a perfectionist, a researcher, a trainer, a master… I must have the most incredible training system. To dig and dig and dig until I find. I will study and look back on the whole world of entertainment and perfect it. Take it steps further than where the greatest left off.”  ~ Michael Jackson

The achievement of becoming ‘the first…’, or ‘the youngest…’ should be celebrated for sure, however, how impactful or lasting are some of these benchmarks in a constant chase for ‘first’ simply to create a historical moment. Household names like Stan Lee, creator of Marvel comics, and Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC, along with a long list of others worked for many years before creating internationally recognised brands. So where’s the balance?

Your true calling isn’t always the thing you found easiest to do. Natural ability requires passion and dedication for it to be sustained. Real winners are problem solvers who seek out challenges to offer better solutions. They address unsolved problems to equip themselves with skills that help other people facing similar problems. Without problems new solutions are very rarely found.

Everything you do prior to your win counts towards your win, even if it isn’t always directly related. Improvement comes from making mistakes. Mistakes are literally opportunities to get better at what you do. If you sail through a situation and don’t make any mistakes, how will you know how to handle problems when they arise? The real test of endurance is not in your ability to be lucky, but in your ability to correct things that go wrong. If challenges aren’t presenting themselves, seeking out challenges is the only way to become better at what you do.

“Go the extra mile it’s never crowded there.”

Going the extra mile is a commitment to going beyond self-serving motives in an effort to connect and serve a greater mission. Your actions become infused with a contagious energy that people want to be part of. The music industry has benefited from early adopters of technology who demonstrated how online and app technology could be used to solve the problem performers once had of connecting directly with fans. However, there are bound to be existing problems that need to be addressed. How are you going the extra mile to identify those problems and get better results?

– Seek out new challenges
– Solve problems
– Go the extra mile