Remtrex is heading straight to the top with new album ‘Bars From The Pen’


It’s the album we’ve all been waiting for. After being freed earlier this year, 0121 rapper, Remtrex finishes off what has been a life changing 2018 with his brand new album ‘Bars From The Pen’. The heavyweight Brummie talent made his comeback in July with popular single ‘How It Goes‘ and has been feeding the scene with the realist raps ever since.

‘Bars From The Pen’ weighs in at a healthy 19 tracks, and it is safe to say that during his time away, Remtrex was busy with the pen ensuring that he had a whole albums worth of bars for when he came out. Not only do we receive a lengthy project, but Remtrex also sheds some light on his time inside, taking us on a journey of what life is like behind bars and the thoughts that may go through your head.

There’s no doubt that ‘Bars From The Pen’ will give Remtrex a huge push into the limelight as he prepares for an even bigger 2019. Check out the album in full via the link below, and keep your eyes peeled for more moves from Remtrex and his team.