Ranger drops his brand new track ‘Flow’


East London grime R A N G E R is an aspiring star, also known by a number of aliases such as Spliffy Ranger, Mr Ranger, Ringo Ranger, that all represent his personalities. He has flirted with music for several years and got his grounding from his dad’s King Original sound in the early 80’s which has now been carried on by his older brother Footsie from the Newham Generals.

Growing up in the urban East End of London, R A N G E R has drawn his influence from all area of life to guide and shape his music. From the early sounds of Dub, Reggae, Jungle, Drum & Bass, House and Garage, R A N G E R music has that hard-hitting gritty feel which is relevant to the climate of today’s world.

Performing alongside artists such as Big Narstie, Chipmunk, D Double E and Wiley to name a few, R A N G E R comes into his element when on stage. Drawing the energy from the crowd R A N G E R has the ability to engage with the crowd and amplify that energy back, perfect ingredients for a good night out.

With the requests of radio show appearances all over the U.K. R A N G E R is working on a project close to his heart that will represent culture, art and the community he lives in.

Dank’ hears R A N G E R take to an Alive Muzik production for his latest single. The hypnotic beat will leave you zoned out whilst R A N G E R rides the riddim with ease alongside a catchy hook. As the title suggests, R A N G E R celebrates the ever-growing and popular cannabis culture/movement within the UK with ‘Dank’ being a potential new anthem of that.

Check out his latest song Entitled – Dank & Flow.