Professor Green Undergoes Five Hour Surgery

professor green

Professor Green underwent a five hour surgery on Tuesday and posted selfies from his hospital bed afterwards like a boss. Pro Green kept fans updated on his hospital journey on social media where he revealed that the surgery to fix three hernias had taken five and a half hours in total.

pro green

Pro Green has a history with hernias, last year he had to have a hernia removed in May shortly after he split up with his ex-wife Millie Mackintosh. This time he had something called an incisional hernia fixed. An incisional hernia is a ‘hernia that occurs through a previously made incision in the abdominal wall’ – such as the scar left from a previous surgery.

Last year when Pro green was hospitalised he posted a series of tweets about the impending procedure to let fans know what was going on, all in all Pro Green lets his fans be quite inclusive in his life which is good for fans as they get up to date information about their favourite artists’ life directly from him, its not so uncommon to see other stars these days posting hospital bed pics to social media and fans seem to love it so it looks like its something thats here to stay. We hope Pro Green has a speedy recovery.

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