Dot Rotten reveals his EP release ‘No L’s will be this Friday!


Rapper Dot Rotten (who also goes by the name of Zeph Ellis when he produces) has tweeted cover art work for his latest EP ‘No L’s’ and teased that it is being dropped this Friday, the 29th September.

Now I’m not trying to make something out of nothing here, but seeing as this is the first music he’s made since the clash with P Money, is he throwing a thinly veiled dig in this tweet? It definitely seems so, and I’m excited to hear the EP.

I followed the clash closely, as I am a big fan of both P Money and Dot Rotten, and I think they both held their own well during it.

I rate Dot Rotten highly, I’ve always thought he has a mad fast flow, witty bars and he’s also a dope producer.

Interestingly, on the art work it says ‘Dot Rotten’ – No L’s but also underneath it says ‘Produced by Zeph Ellis’ (his name when producing). As I said, he is a great producer and it’s certainly an advantage if you’re a strong rapper and producer because you can produce your own tracks, so the combination of the two, I’m excited for.

Dot also did a follow-up tweet teasing one of the songs off of the EP called ‘Sensei’. In Japanese, the term ‘Sensei’ literally translates as teacher or Master, and used a lot in Martial Arts, so I wonder if this EP will be filled with more sends for P Money and other rappers, and Dot’s way of reminding them whose boss.

Either way, I can’t wait to hear it. Make sure you pre-order the EP now, or wait for its release Friday 29th September!