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Every month, we’ll be speaking to the names behind the beat of some of the hottest UK tracks out now. After all, a song wouldn’t be what it is without the music producer.

This month’s #ProducerOfTheMonth is TSB.

The 25-year-old is from South London and began producing at around the age of 16. Having finished school, he found himself with free time before the start of college – leading him to try music production. Now, TSB has played a part in the production of J Hus’ ‘Scene’, ‘Spirit’, Loski’s ‘Forrest Gump’ and many more of your favourite tracks.

Do you remember how and when you first started producing? What was the first ever song you produced?

Some of my boys used to rap and my older brother was a producer. They would wanna come and watch him work cause he was sick and so I just thought ‘Rah maybe I can do this as well’. I used to watch him myself then one day I just tried it for myself and I haven’t looked back since. I first started off doing remixes and re-fixes, I did something called ‘TSB Refix sessions’ where I would take my favourite songs and twist them up.
I think the first proper song I produced would be a song I did for Scorcher called ‘Work Get It’ It featuring Mercston & Wretch 32. I did this with a friend of mine who’s a cold songwriter – Ari.

What is your favourite track produced by yourself?

My favourite track produced by myself is not out yet… I’ve been working on a lot of music which hopefully in the right time will be released but if I had to say a song that was out probably J Hus – Spirit because of what it means to me personally.

 If you could describe your sound in 3 words, what would they be?
Fresh. Vibes. Clean.

 What are your thoughts on production in the UK scene – do you think producers get enough credit?
UK producers have always been sick for me. So many big producers doing international things come from here and it’s inspirational. I don’t think they get enough credit all the time but I think with time that will change. Sometimes it just takes seeing a producer in their zone to deep what they bring to the table, everyone is instrumental in the process of creation.

Who are your favourite producers right now?
Firstly my brother, Maestro. I always say if I can be half the producer he is then I’ll be ok. He’s been the best role model in this. There are a lot of producers I think are cold… IOADP, Scribz Riley, Levi Lennox, Diztortion, iLL Blu, Alan Sampson, JAE5, Ebenezer, Remedee, P2J, EY, Sunny Kale, Fwdslxsh, TRE.. there’s more but yeah so many proper sick producers about.

Tell us about working with J Hus (firstly on Spirit) but also on upcoming tracks. How did this come about and how was it working with him?
Working with J Hus on Spirit was a moment cause it’s impacted so much. It was mad he came up to my studio room and we were chilling, sometimes when we work I ask him what’s on his mind or what he wants to talk about. With Spirit, it was mad cause everything he said came out in the song. He was talking about being in jail and what it was like listening to the radio not hearing anything that he could connect with.Working with Hus in general is a movie! We met at the studio, I used to see him on the stairs and we would talk and chill but I think JAE5 introduced us properly. He would always send  JHus upstairs to my studio which was dope and to be honest we all just got along from the start. Sometimes Hus would be around at like 8am so we’d just start working whenever. That guy works any time whether its 3am he’s on it! Working on new music with Hus has been such a sick experience, there’s nothing better than creating with one of your favourite artists. I’m definitely looking forward to his new music coming out.

Recently, you’ve worked with the likes of Loski, Belly Squad and even Wretch 32 how did these come about?
Yeah its been a nice last couple months in terms of who I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. I guess just having a good team that know what you’re interested in doing along with looking at who I feel I could make good music with. Loski one was sick – my cousin IO hit me up and said they wanted him to work on ‘Forrest Gump’ so we did that together. Belly Squad came through my team, those are my guys though I got love for them & as for Wretch he’s a legend that guy is special!!

Is there anyone you haven’t worked with that you’d like to?

In the UK I’d say Octavian. AJ Tracey. Anne Marie.

What’s next for you?

A lot more music coming. God willing on an international level.


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