#ProducerOfTheMonth – Meet Swifta Beater


Every month, we’ll be speaking to the names behind the beat of some of the hottest UK tracks out now. After all, a song wouldn’t be what it is without the music producer.

This month’s #ProducerOfTheMonth is Swifta Beater.

The 28-year-old was born and raised in Birmingham and is the man behind the sound of some of your favourite Grime tracks. As soon as you hear ‘Swifta Production’ in a Birmingham accent over the beat, you know it’s about to be a banger.

How and when did you first start producing music?

I first started producing (if you can call it that) when I was around 11/12 doing bootlegs of Garage and Grime tracks, I was using Music 2000 on my playstation for a few months until my dad saw the potential and allowed me to use his music computer.

Do you remember the first ever song you produced?

The first time I ever used my own sounds was to make an instrumental called ‘Grinch’.

What is your favourite track produced by yourself?

‘3 Wheel Ups’ because the track really come to life when it’s being performed live with a band and brass sections but still feels and sounds like Grime.

What are your thoughts on production in the UK scene – do you think producers get enough credit?

It’s a good time right now for UK producers, With everyone grafting to perfecting their sound how could it not be good… This is why producers should get just as much credit as artists because no one would be dancing without music as well as no one would be singing along without the artist. 

Who are your favourite producers right now?

Sounds cliché† but Dr. Dre would be at the top of the list as well as Scott Storch, Just Blaze and Boi 1da just to name a few from the states and I’m feeling a lot stuff from people like Thomas Mellor, Steel Banglez, Rude Kid, Spyro, Filthy Gears, Preditah, 5ive, Raseye, EY, Heavy Trackerz, There’s loads of sick producers here.

You are originally from Birmingham, what are your thoughts on the growing music scene there?

In my opinion the music scene has always been healthy here I just think it’s just more noticeable now theres a lot of attention on the city.

Who was your favourite person and favourite track to work on? Tell us the story behind it…

JME because I produced this beat within like 15 minutes and I was just gonna throw it in the trashcan (lucky for me I didn’t). I put a little clip on my Facebook saying “Keep or Delete” and everyone was going crazy, Then my sister phoned me straight away telling me to keep it and get someone to vocal it. So I sat down and meditated on it and then JME popped in my head and I thought he would actually go in on this. Fast forward a year I didn’t hear nothing back for that track but I knew he was using another one that I done, then I met him at Eskimo Dance and I introduced myself and he said; OMG I need to show you something then he gave me his phone with a video playing which turned out to be Man Don’t Care!!!

So 300,000+ sales and 39 million views later I now know not to ever delete anything again. 

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