Piers Morgan Asks If It’s Okay To Sing N****


On Thursday 21st September, Piers Morgan, tweeted one of his most controversial things to date. The Good Morning Britain host was immediately slammed and it caused uproar on twitter across the Thursday and Friday.


A video of US Sorority girls singing along to Kanye West’s ‘Golddiger’ song went viral this week, which sparked Morgan to write a column for the Daily Mail. He blamed Kanye West for using it on his tracks and argued that that is why it’s okay for white girls to sing it in songs. He even asked in the column “if the word was racist anyway”. The footage of the girls singing along to that song is being investigated by University of New Hampshire Officials, but Piers Morgan said that they were “young, free and partying”.

He faced instant backlash from his tweet and column, many accusing of him of trying to be controversial to get a reaction. Piers Morgan’s name was actually trending on twitter in both the UK and the US after his tweet.

The headline is his article for the Daily Mail was ‘Don’t get angry about a bunch of white girls singing n***as, blame Kanye and the rap industry for putting it in their songs in the first place’, and one of the most controversial and disgusting things he wrote in it was ‘To me, there is no difference between ‘n****r’ and ‘nigga’.

Maybe Piers Morgan should take a look at this flowchart, to understand the answer to his question whether white girls should be allowed to sing it in rap songs or not.