Phundo Art releases ‘Coded’ EP

Upcoming South African talent, Phundo Art has been putting in work for some time now, making waves not only here in the UK, but across the globe. Fearless in his expression, he has always painted the world a picture depicting the life and times of a young black South African finding his feet, re-imagining his identity and channeling his innate creativity in a first world country.
Phundo very much stands alone in the manner in which he carries himself and delivers his artistry, but never fails to remain relevant amongst his creative peers in a urban music culture which is growing and developing so rapidly. With his online audience numbers continuing to swell up, due to the simple fact that he is nothing like what new age rap fans are used to, it appeared to be the perfect time to introduce his brand new 3 track E.P ‘Coded’.
The E.P see’s Phundo return with a follow up to his recent hit, ‘Tropicana’, but this time round Phundo redefines his sound, breaking out of the norm and delivering material which is unparalleled to anything out there right now. We see him take a much more laid back, approach and there is no doubt that ‘Coded’ is set to give Phundo Art a huge push in the right direction as he continues showcase his versatlity.