Tizzy Gang drop stellar project ‘Opps Next Door Vol. 1’

The album cover for Tizzy Gang's 'Opps Next Door Vol. 1'.

Avid fans of grime MCs Merky ACE, Tre Mission and Cadell will know that the three artists have been cooking up music under the collective name Tizzy Gang since late 2015. Originally a straightforward collaborative EP, the elusive project evolved over time; more and more new members came to the fore until it transformed into a twenty-track compilation. Opps Next Door Vol. 1 has now been released by surprise, following its listening party at Relentless No. 5 in London two days earlier.

The album encompasses both rap and grime, and sees a rotating cast of London and Toronto vocalists weave in and out of dark instrumentals produced by the likes of Tre Mission, Splurt Diablo, Filthy Gears and Zomby. The listener is kept on their toes, as uncredited lyrical contributions from Nasty Jack, Vic Santoro, Johnny Porter, Ko-Kane, Lord Cutty, Jason Packs and MIK all appear throughout the project. The latter of these comes as a surprise, as the veteran MC had announced at the end of 2016 that he would be retiring from music. Whether these vocals were recently recorded or not remains unknown; could we be seeing an MIK comeback?

Highlights include “MF”, a two-minute variation on Nasty Jack’s “Juncrow Talker” which also sees Cadell spit over booming and frenetic 808 drums; “QWERTY”, which blends Merky and Tre’s recent Mad About Bars lyrics with a verse from Merky’s younger brother, Ko-Kane; and “Speculations”, a reflective solo track from Vic Santoro over bluesy piano chords. While the album weighs in at a total length of 76 minutes, it fails to get tiring, with jaw-dropping twists around every corner. Opps Next Door Vol. 1 is out now on all good retailers.