Tizz Finally Unveils Valentine’s Drop ‘Never Dat’

Tizz never dat

Birmingham upcoming rapper Tizz has released his highly-anticipated first release of 2019, entitled Never Dat.

Tizz has been teasing his Twitter followers with the release of his brand new track, and finally it is upon us. However, although he has released it on Valentine’s Day, Never Dat is a plot twist.

After a personal experience of dropping a chick that got too attached, Tizz is making it known that whatever you think it is, it’s Never Dat. The track is wavy, from the cheeky punchlines to the direct delivery. It’s unexpected take on relationships will either make your jaw drop, or be extremely relatable.

We look forward to seeing whether visuals accompany this track, as it’s certainly one that will get people talking.

Tizz will also be releasing an EP soon, so follow him on social media for updates.

Never Dat is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.