Offset announces solo album release date?


Offset, part of the family member trio ‘Migos’, is the last of the three to release a solo project, but he has announced via Twitter that it will be coming in December.

Quavo’s solo album, ‘Quavo Huncho’ has recently been released, and Takeoff’s ‘The Last Rocket’ followed soon after which landed him a Solo Hot 100 hit. This left Offset’s own project anticipated. Today, Offset posted:

The date he tweeted is his birthday, which happens to fall on a Friday- a popular album release day for major labels. The solo albums follow Quavo’s claim that each will take turns in providing new tracks for fans. Although the date hasn’t officially been set, this has left fans speculating that we can most probably expect the album to be released on this date.

Quavo also stated that the three will produce a collective project titled ‘Culture III’, after they are finished with their individual albums. The three have also linked a deal with ESPN to produce theme music for the the network’s NBA coverage, so Migos are clearly back to working super hard after their solo albums.

Stay tuned on Offset’s socials in December to make sure you’re not late on listening to his new release.