Giggs On Why Wiley Is His Hero, Being The Mayor & More


Giggs‘ latest album ‘Landlord‘ loaded with all its ‘braggadocios’, gritty street level rap has ascended to the chart highs of number 2 best-selling album in the UK. Legendary urban music journalist Jasmine Dotiwala and long time friend of Giggs; sat down with the south London rapper to talk why Wiley is his hero, what he would do as Mayor of London and Giggs eventually creating his own comic books.


What’s your earliest London memory?

As a kid, I knew it for window-shopping; Trocerdero in Piccadilly was the spot for getting girls phone numbers. That was my first memory of London.

What is The Landlord’s fave London spot to eat?

Can’t say or I wont be able to go there anymore.

1st London spot you visit when flying home off tour that you can’t do without?

Ditto as per above.

Landlord’s run homes, but what if your reach was broader, what would you do if you were Mayor of London for the day?

I would put money put into youth clubs and into every hood area adventure playgrounds, where kids can go. I would also put lots of cameras and regular police patrols so that there’s no problems. I would pay for fun stuff for the kids to get involved with like games and studios. No one cares about the youth now.

Who do you call when you want to have fun?

My bredrin or my brothers.

If you were the landlord of south London, what would you promote about Peckham?

Even though it’s gentrified today it’s still sticky, it’s like spilling pineapple juice on the floor and then just wiping a tissue over it. It looks clean, but it’s not. Underneath the gentrification it’s still a jungle, I love Peckham and the people and I want more for them.

If there was one person you could say thank you to whom would it be and why?

God. He guides me all the time.

If there was one-person you could say sorry to whom would it be and why?

Loads of people. I’ve said sorry to you. LOL

The ladies love them some Giggs, but what’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?

Can’t say cos I don’t wanna start any trouble. I guess though in all seriousness, the most romantic thing is for someone to just be there.

Finally, Who’s your hero?

I don’t really look at life like that. (BUT WHEN PUSHED HE SAYS…)…. But Wiley can be a hero, cos when I was on the street and stuff, he would be on me to pursue this music career. I would be ‘’who’s this weirdo who keeps ringing me?”, in my world back then, people didn’t do that, he just wanted to help me and that’s I why I try and help a lot of youths’’


What Giggs manager Buck says about his relationship with Giggs.

Giggs and I went school together, he was in my older brothers year, so it’s a family thing…. what I saw in him was his obsession for hard work, he loves music, he moved prisons just so he could send me music.

I think the thing he’s learnt most over the past few years is to be comfortable with who he was naturally, initially he was reluctant to be himself, he’s always been a joker, a giggler, family man, cracking jokes, he’s actually a really nice guy and means no one harm.
That’s why I was able to reach out to you in your MTV days when you both had that misunderstanding cos I could see your and his point of view, it was all just miscommunication!

In his XL– record label era, Giggs felt under pressure, to not let people down who had pumped money into him…
Towards end of the label deal, we were always independent, but there were more and more people to get stuff ticked off with and run past. There were numerous opinions and they were all confusing, that way it becomes more about radio plugging, dj’s etc
This time we returned to what we started off with – Walk in the park style – it’s just about his music! Now what he’s doing is the same thing as when he first started.

This time around cos there was no pressure, we didn’t even think about chart numbers as long as the people enjoy it, we were happy.

I’m not even surprised by any of this success. He speaks to the youth and older audience with his soulful hooks, so there are no types of fan that surprises me now, I’ve seen people from every single walk of life recite his lyrics and get excited by seeing him.

He’s done so many live shows around the world, I think maybe he enjoyed the Nigeria live gig most, I feel like he felt like he was at home away from home, they were very welcoming, there was no bullshit, he felt it culturally and it was endearing for him.

Giggs likes to congregate and laugh with people, I’d hate to always stop off at his south London home, cos you’d be there for another 4 hours, talking, laughing, debating, he loves bringing people together and seeing people win, that’s why he does songs with the youngsters of today.

When it comes to future Non-musical projects, I reckon he could go down the comic books n marvel superhero’s path somehow…

The beautiful thing about working with him is that you can see progression in him, and the people who he’s around.

I just want him to achieve everything he wants to achieve, I’m just happy to see him win.

Giggs‘ 3rd studion album ‘Landlord‘ is out now.

Jasmine Dotiwala can be found @jasminedotiwala presenting, contributing and writing for: The Source, Daily Mail, The Voice, Huffington Post,