Giggs talks ‘Wamp 2 Dem’ mixtape, Young Thug and more on Ebro Darden’s Beats 1 show!


Ebro Darden invited Giggs to be on his Beats 1 show on Apple Music and Giggs facetimed him and joined the interview. The London rapper said the new project was made in part as a response to some of the negative feedback he received after working with Drake on ‘More Life’. Read below what Giggs had to say, from all things about his latest mixtape ‘Wamp 2 Dem’ to working with Drake, 2 Chainz and Young Thug.

I was surprised to not see any OVO yet, but I hear some things are in store.
You know what it is with Drake and that like we’ve already, we’ve done two songs this year. People think ya like cause you know each other you should do — anytime you do a project you should be — you know what I mean? But that’s a few months ago and one of them is already ringing off. People have heard that so there’s no point in milking it you know what I mean.

What do you think the fans are going to off of Wamp 2 Dem?
You know everyone likes most of them like the 2 Chainz “Ultimate Gangsta”, Popcaan thing, and “The Essence”, “Linguo.”

On how working with Young Thug happened
You know what that was ya, see that there that was like we was all in the club like bare man in the club, like it was all like OVO in there, Thugs’ man all them YSL, my man them. This is just before More Life’s come out and then Drake must have run like the intro for More Life, like this is before it’s come out. No one had heard it. Then he runs “KMT.” It’s popping off. Then he runs Issa. It’s turning into a song clash in the dark see what I’m saying. Thugs like, “No I need one of them Whippin’s” Went straight to the studio. So that was the vibe.

Ebro: So you guys went straight from the club to the studio and wrecked that.

Man this is like 5am.

Ebro: Yo Thug is like that too right. Like he’s like when it’s time to get in the booth he’s ready.

That man rather go to the studio than hit the club. So when we’re in the club he’s just like let’s go to the studio you know what I’m saying.

How would you describe your persona in your music?
The reaction to it it’s just like people who just don’t understand. That’s what the whole mixtape was about really, you know what I mean. And everyone was like, “Ya like how come you’re so like onto academics and why do you care? Why are you watching this feedback from America and what not.” But it wasn’t even about like — I didn’t really care about like the — what man was saying and all that. It was just like — what I did care about was like people didn’t really, wasn’t really respecting England like the hoods and s***. They didn’t think there’s like (3:53) “UK burner. You’ll see that old prehistoric — I didn’t really like the disrespect of what man’s been through and, you know what I’m saying. Dying and been though locked for life. Same s***. So when man’s rapping and they’re talking and disrespecting. Wamp 2 Dem was more like showing where we’re coming from like we’re the same as you. Even the 2 Chainz track. If you listen to it properly it’s just like me explaining like ya everybody’s got talk, everybody’s got guns, couldn’t get near us, everybody’s strapped up you know what I’m saying.

What was it like working with 2 Chainz?
Well obviously I’m a fan you know what I’m saying. Chainz is hard you know what I mean. To be honest that’s the only person I thought could handle that beat.

What was your inspiration to get in the game?
My inspiration was to get off the street you know what I mean. That more than anything you know what I’m saying. Nothing else. No more stopping. Man’s coming from a real place and a real background so like the police are calling people up like you know what I mean. “You don’t want this gangster around and blah, blah, blah.” So a lot of people were scared in the beginning. As long as — I had to show people no man I’m a normal guy man you know what I’m saying. Just cause you hear certain things about me doesn’t mean I’m a bad person you know what I mean. So it’s like loads of messing about to be honest, but in the end like the music, when its good music you’re always going to make it through you know what I’m saying.

What does “Peligro” mean?
Danger. That’s Spanish. I was in Spain when I made the tune. I was on my Spanish flex you know what I’m saying. The engineer couldn’t speak English. I was like, “How do you say danger?” He said, “Peligro.”

On certain topics not being talked about in entertainment
Over here we don’t talk about nothing. When we step into the world of entertainment and you’re meant to entertain — that we’re not into talking about certain things. Over here you can’t even be talking about no s***. You getting f***** up for that. You just got to listen to the music.

On how it feels to release music without worrying about the politics
Trust me bro, I’m happy bro. First time ever. Mans off the street. Are you mad? I got off the street at twenty-eight. Man don’t even make it to twenty-eight you know what I’m saying. Much less to be given a chance to get off the street doing something that you love you know what I’m saying. So now I’m just grateful everyday bro, you get me?

Are you going to be able to travel soon? What’s the plan there?
I don’t know man. I’m trying to go over there, but you know it’s not easy. I have to do all that s*** like applying and meetings and applications. All that b*******.

Watch clips from Giggs Facetiming with Ebro below: