No Hats No Hoods Presents ‘London To Addis’ Grime Compilation

London to Addis

No Hats No Hoods present London to Addis.

London to Addis is a Grime instrumental compilation, combining traditional Ethiopian instruments and an all-star line-up of Grime producers; featuring Dexplicit, TC4, Wize, Mr Virgo and many more. It is the first part of No Hats No Hoods Records ‘Ethiopiyawi Meets Grime’ collaboration with Ethiopian Records that will also see a live performance in Addis Abba, a documentary, freestyles and vocal projects featuring Kenyan, Ethiopian and UK musicians.

London to Addis is the first time that we’ve seen traditional Ethiopian instruments combined with Grime, and the sounds created by fusing both styles together fit the aim of the project which is to bring to different worlds together. Throughout the project there is a wide variation of sounds from Dexplicit, Ignorants, Shudan, Wize, JT The Goon, Captain Over, Proc Fiskal, J Beatz, Lolingo, JG, Restraint, DJ Cable, Sir Pixalot, Sarks, Blakie and Valentino 343. 

Speaking of the project Shudan said, “I found it inspiring to riff on the Ethiopian sounds; it allowed me to navigate a refreshing unexplored space.” There are so many hidden gems yet to be explored in Grime, and the concept behind London to Addis has allowed something so abstract to come to fruition, and it’s irresistible. 

London to Addis was funded by East Africa Arts, a British Council programme creating connections between creatives from Africa and the UK. As well as funding, they also helped bring the project together. 

You can stream the project on Spotify below.