Nasty C: Find out more about the South African rapper


Cool kids! We all want to belong in a circle, the kids in school that get all the girls, or the kids in school that are good at football or the kids that are just themselves and capture the crowds attention. One person that has mastered being a cool kid is Nasty C.

The 21 year old who is making waves in South Africa spoke to me about about his upcoming album after dropping two singles this past weekend. The first one called ‘Jungle’, he goes hard on this beat detailing that there are no rules in this world, its a dog eat dog world. The second one is called ‘King’ Featuring A$AP Ferg, its got a different vibe but I like this one more, you can cruise in your car whilst listening to this and they both bounce off each other on the track.

I first heard of Nasty C in 2016 after featuring on Davido’sCoolest Kid in Africa‘ the way he rides the beat and his energy is vibrant, shows he is one to watch for the future. There is a strong community of artists doing Hip Hop within South Africa, acts like AKA & Casper Nyovest are a few creating waves abroad and Nasty C is another name to add to this list. He is a very down to earth individual, quite humble but still has the personality of a young person. His fan base is strong as well, he created a group chat for all his fans on WhatsApp to keep them connected from all over the world, this is a very unique idea.

July 6th Nasty C drops his new album ‘Strings and Blings’, his second studio album and its highly anticipated, this is going to be the album where he speaks about things he’s never revealed. By the end of this album I’m expecting to have a different understanding of Nasty C.

Check out my interview with Nasty C: