Nana Rogues: The Producer flying high

Nana Rogues

Over the past two years, it’s safe to say that Producers are getting way more credit. The discovery of a number of producers in the UK has been excellent. Names such as Jae5, NA, GA, Dj Juls and much more. Producers are very precious in the music scene, the work they put in is crazy. They spend day and night in the studio, perfecting beats and trying to get that right vibe.

Often in the past, Producers have been left to the side and put in a shadow, now the chance to get yourself out in the limelight is available. Through social media and producers putting out projects and albums.

Nana Rogues is one producer that has risen to the spotlight. He is flying really high. The Hackney, East London resident has been around for many years, he decided to take music seriously in 2010, after having an experience with Pharell. From then till now he has done quite a lot. He has made some of the biggest hits in the UK, ‘Trapping ain’t dead’ by Section Boyz. After its 2015 release, it’s one of their biggest hits.

He went on to produce 7 tracks from Tinie Tempah’s mixtape – ‘Junk Food’ including: ‘Been The man’, ‘We don’t play no games’, ‘Autogas’, ‘100 friends’, ‘Look at me and ‘Might Flip’.

Later on branching his horizon to South Africa, as he worked with Dj Maphorisa on ‘Good Love’ featuring Wizkid.

His relationship with Tinie Tempah would come in handy as he produced songs from his latest album ‘Youth’. Which was ‘Rehab’, ‘Something Special’, ‘Mamacita’ and much more.

Nana Rogues

He broke new grounds earlier this year as he produced, Drake’s ‘Passionfruit’. The song is so smooth, it’s the type of sound that keeps you going as you cruise on the motorway late at night.

Nana Rogues is one Producer to take inspiration from.