Mr Williams Releases Brand-New Single ‘Mai Tai’


Mr. Williams is back with his up-tempo feel-good new single Mai Tai, produced by Thai Beats. Renowned for creating a great vibe with his music, Mr. Williams doesn’t disappoint with this catchy track off of his forthcoming project ‘These Days 2.0’. After a successful 2017 consisting of regular radio rotation for his previous singles, a growing fanbase and being made Vodafone’s ‘Future Breaker, Top 40’, Mr. Williams plans to build on his momentum and continue to deliver enjoyable music for his fans around the world.

Having been born in London but raised in Los Angeles before moving back to the UK he has been able to tap into fanbases in both markets and with what’s to come in 2018 this is only likely to continue to grow. Mai Tai is available to buy/stream on all digital platforms by clicking right here.

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