Mr Montgomery Presents: The Montgomery List 2019


If we’re being honest 2018 was a year of absolute comedy. A guy became famous because he was hit by a bike,  everybody suddenly realised the strength of their Ye and everybody decided to do a rant. 2018 was filled with good moments and bad moments. The craziest moment in 2018 was when Biskit decided to record himself touching his mums bum… Tragic!

Most importantly, Drill became the face of the UK Rap scene this year. So many videos were taken down by the police because Drill was named the reason for the rise in Knife crime in 2018, as youth violence reached a decade high record.

As we go into the new year I’ve taken a look back at the artists that made a difference in the UK Drill scene in 2018. The artists on this list have made a huge contribution to taking Drill to the charts and mainstream. Most artists on this list released a project, remained relevant and put together some impressive numbers.

This list has no ranking and there no recorded positions.

Now let’s get into this list.




Drill is a young man’s sport, its about the energy and swagger these artists bring and C1 represents that swagger and charisma in the UK Drill scene. I came across him when he dropped his ‘Tulse Hill Slums‘ EP and it was a strong project from a newcomer in the game.


Best song of 2018: Hide and Seek




Coming out of jail is never easy, its a lot of pressure and you have to start all over again and it takes time to settle in. Digdat has been able to settle in the scene comfortably. I came across him when he featured on Headie One’s ‘One Two’ Mixtape with Back 2 Back.

Best song of 2018: Air Force.



The police tried to stop Digga D and CGM (formerly known as 1011) from making music. They became the first group to be banned from making Drill. However, Digga D shined towards the end of the year with ‘No Porkies‘ and his ‘Mad about Bars‘.


Best song of 2018: No Porkies


Harlem Spartans have had a challenging year, losing ‘SA‘ and also having their videos taken down off major platforms. However, some individuals have shined regardless, Ondrills stood out for me this year after I heard ‘Certified‘. Blanco has also returned just in time for the new year, so I’ll keep a close eye on Harlem for 2019.


Best song of 2018: Certified





Headie One, in my opinion, has been the most successful Drill artist this year. Earlier in 2018, he had a controversial moment but was able to turn it around and create one of the biggest songs. He released two mixtapes and I’m looking forward to the album in 2019.


Best song of 2018: Know Better




At first, when I heard this guy rap, I didn’t understand what he was saying. However, his flow is unique and he has this powerful energy around him. J.B2 came to my attention when he jumped on ‘Link Up‘ with Russ and Chuks, the Irish drill scene has so much potential and J.B2 will be a contributor to it.


Best Song of 2018: Link Up




Lyrically, KO is the best in UK Drill. He has a huge supply of punchlines and he makes you think when you listen to his music. I highly recommend that you listen to his mixtape ‘TSM‘.


Best Song of 2018: ‘9er Ting




Coming from Peckham and Zone 2, it was only right that Kwengface is added to this list. I saw him perform last year and he has a lot of energy around him.  After watching his ‘Behind Barz‘ in 2018 I know 2019 will be his year.


Best Song of 2018: 3 Stripes





Coming from London Fields, I came across Latts when he dropped ‘Smackdown and his Next Up‘. Latts has the potential to go far, he has a unique voice and a young fan base. I reckon in 2019 he will take over.


Best song of 2018: The Truth





One of the arguments of 2018 was, who started UK Drill, Stickz or LD? Everybody has a different answer, however, it’s without a doubt that he is a veteran in UK Drill. Dropping his solo project, ‘Masked One‘ featuring with Dizzee Rascal and Skepta.


Best song of 2018: Stepped In





Drill has been blamed for the madness going on in the streets, however, with all the setbacks Loski has been able to use Drill as his way to the top, dropping his ‘Call me Loose‘ tape earlier this year, he’s gone from sitting next to Drake to award nominations.


Best Song of 2018: Forest Gump





Coming from Brixton, Angell Town, M24 is very versatile, he can sing and rap. ‘Warr‘ is one of the most underrated Drill tracks of 2018. He has worked hard on his branding and I’m ready to see him shine in 2019.


Best song of 2018: Do It & Crash





Reaching over 3 Million views on his Mad About Bars in 2018, NitoNB is one to listen to for the new year. His bars are entertaining and his flow is very aggressive. I would love to see a project this year, so I can analyse more from him.


Best song of 2018: Rise and Tan





At the beginning of 2018, not much knew who Poundz was until he was involved in a rap battle with S1. He released ‘Who’s laughing‘ and this was his breakthrough song. The song is close to 1 million views. Hopefully, 2019 can be a strong year for him.


Best Song of 2018: Who’s Laughing






I spoke to Q2t earlier this year on ‘No Offence‘ and he spoke about taking music seriously. Since then he has taken off his mask and slowly gone into a new musical market. He’s slowly carving a new identity for himself and I want to see a project from him in 2019.


Best Song of 2018: Andy Murray





The most controversial individual on this list, whether you love him or hate him you have to admit that Russ had a massive year. Discovering the Irish drill scene and becoming a viral sensation with ‘Gun Lean‘. 2019 will be the year he is pushed to commercial success.


Best song of 2018: Gun Lean




Dropping 2 mixtapes in a year, RV has an amazing work rate, after listening to ‘Im A Savage‘ i wanted to put on a bally and start my rapping career. Even though he is currently in jail, the streets are waiting for his return. 2019 will be his year.


Best Song of 2018: Know Better




These two had a decent 2018, S1, in particular, was another controversial figure in the Drill scene. I covered a lot on him in 2018 and he has grown his fan base and in his music. The mixtape is dropping very soon and I’m ready to hear a body of work from both of them.


Best Song of 2018: Can’t Settle




Skengdo & AM have gone from strength to strength, this year they became the first UK artists to make a song with Drill pioneer Chief Keef. Dropping their second studio mixtape ‘Greener On The Other Side‘ and going on 2 UK tours, its safe to say Skengdo & AM have shown us how important they are to the UK Drill scene.


Best Song of 2018: Pitbulls




The last entry on this list from outside London, SmuggzeyAce is one to watch for next year, he performed well on the ‘Coldest Link Up‘. Coming from Birmingham, we can see the talent from there is growing stronger.


Best Song of 2018: Shhmokey





Unknown T without a doubt had an amazing 2018, ‘Homerton B‘ was a hit song, it changed his life. He brought a fresh new vibe and energy to the UK Drill scene. I really want to hear more from him in 2019.


Best Song of 2018: Homerton B





UK Drill is known for many things. The main thing its known for is artists covering their faces with masks, V9 is one artist that caught my attention because he has a unique mask and stands out from other drill artists. I have had ‘Andy & Dwight‘ on repeat since its release and I’m loving the progress he is making.


Best song of 2018: Charged Up



Words from Mr Montgomery

“If you’re reading this you will receive the strength to do amazing things. Wishing you all a prosperous 2019. A year that will bring you peace, happiness and greatness. You are not a failure if you try, you are a failure if you Give up. DON’T GIVE UP, YOU CAN MAKE IT.”