David Haye announces his retirement from professional boxing


David Haye, who started his career at the age of 22, has announced his retirement from professional boxing today. The 37-year-old boxer took to Instagram to share the news to his fans and also revealed that he wrote a 2000 word statement on his website explaining the reasons.

In his statement, he says “The boxing gods have spoken. They will no longer protect me with the freakish speed and power I used to possess. And without these God-given gifts, I completely lose my edge.

Boxing history has a way of repeating itself, and the list of boxers who voluntarily retired during their peak is a short one. Most bite off more than they can chew in their twilight years, believing they can rustle up one last great performance, and this pursuit becomes greater than the fear of losing.

In short, the personality traits that make someone potentially great – never giving up, fighting until the bitter end – will often lead to their downfall.

Now I understand.”