MP’s Speak Out On The Discrimination Grime Faces


Over the last 20 years, since the genre’s founding, Grime has been rising in popularity. Moving from underground, to a more mainstream audience, some of the defining artists of our generation have been Grime-influenced, including the likes of Stormzy, Skepta, Wiley, Kano, Dizzee Rascal and Giggs.

MP’s and rappers have recently stated that the discrimination facing Grime artists has hindered their success when it comes to live performances and shows, many shows being cancelled last minute due to “concerns” over licensing. One Grime artist, ShaoDow, told Sky News that he was cancelled just before his show due to concerns of the venue, stating they cannot continue with the show once they realised the artist did Hip-Hop.

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee stated that prejudice against grime, rap, and hip-hop risks the future of one of the UK’s most exciting musical exports.

Many known artists, including Skengdo X AM and Giggs, have spoken out about their struggle in relation to live performances, and some have said that the prejudice faced is due to institutional racism. Skengdo X AM have even been banned from making music which names places, events, people or violent themes. The battle against Drill from authorities has been going on for a while now, leading some rappers to quit Drill altogether.

The fact that MP’s are noticing and acknowledging the fact that Grime is facing discrimination can only be a positive thing. Whether its the fan base, race of the artists, nature of the genre or lyrical content, music is an art-form and an expression. Artists should not face backlash, and obstacles to success, for discussing certain truths.