Misha B’s mum wants to reunite with her daughter.


Misha B’s estranged mother, Florence Byan who is a reformed Heroin addict wants to reunite with the X-Factor star, since leaving her at 3 months old.

Florence Bryan wrote an open letter to Misha B expressing how proud she is of Misha and pleaded that they rebuild their relationship. Florence has been clean of her habit for three years, and published her emotional letter in Now Magazine:

‘”When I heard you say on The X Factor that you didn’t know your real mum, or why she abandoned you, I felt all the heartbreak from when I parted with you 19 years ago come flooding back. It was the hardest decision of my life. As a mother I wanted the best for you, and at the time I felt I couldn’t give you what you deserved.”

She also mentioned that she undergone depression and she was “crippling” and turned to Heroin which she landed in jail for 21 months. Florence Bryan, rarely saw her daughter throughout the 19 years of her life.

I love you completely and unconditionally. You’ve been a star in my eyes since the day you were born.’

You can read the whole letter in Now Magazine which came out today.