Miraa May gifts us with new project ‘Care Package’


North London, Tottenham songstress Miraa May has just dropped her much anticipated EP “Care Package”. This EP follows up to her previous stellar effort “N15”. This new project is incredible and proves how the artist is definitely one to be reckoned one. She has worked with legends such as Salaam Remi and this project shows us exactly why she has had such opportunities.

The EP is 5 tracks long and each song is consistently excellent. The title of “Care Package” is perfectly befitting due to the calming and comforting vibe of this project. The opening track “Nobody” allows the artist to show off her pen game with extremely relatable lyrics such as “I don’t bow down to nobody, only trust God and my family”. The artist is originally Algerian and is Muslim, which allows her represent hugely underrepresented Asians/Arab Muslims from London. This is particularly important as female singers from London garnering mainstream attention has become notably reduced.

The next track “Make Room” depicts how the artist is care free and self confident. This is refreshing in a time where every popular song seems to depict a lost love. The next track “Sad” is my personal favourite due to the layering of sounds and melodies used being so unique and beautiful. The lyrics of this song are extremely helpful to anyone going through a hard time. The fourth track “Regardless” is such a feel good tune that just goes in and is sick to get lit to. The final track allows the artist to show off her signature croons and melodies, whilst remaining the striking and independent woman she is.

This artist is unique and is definitely one to watch. She has been one of my favourites for time now. Please, please check out her new EP, you won’t regret it!