McDonald’s receives backlash after comparing fillet o’fish to someone’s death!


McDonald’s have received a huge amount of backlash for its latest advert. It’s not their usual advert, this time it’s about a son who has lost his father, throughout the advert the boy and his mother are of course taking a trip to McDonalds, but the sad thing about this advert is the topic of conversation between the two.

The young boy had lost his father and his mother was telling him all sorts regarding what his father was like, how he enjoyed football, was charming to the ladies and as she is explaining this the boy’s actions show he struggles to find anything in common with his father. Until lastly as the son sits down with his Fillet o’fish, his mother brings up the fact his father loved them also.

Its like they are relating the burger to the kids death, I mean it’s not a normal bereavement situation and social media are expressing themselves, as they should. How many young children lose a parent? Is it acceptable to compare a trip to McD’s to a family that has been broken apart completely?!

McDonalds have apologised for any upset cause don’t by the advert and claimed that was not their intentions at all.

Watch the full advert below and tweet us your thoughts!