Man jailed after taking photos of Grenfell Tower victim


A neighbour who decided to photograph a Grenfell Tower blaze victim has been jailed for three months.

Omega Mwaikambo, 43, was arrested after images of a partially covered body bag were uploaded to social network Facebook. Mwaikambo pleaded guilty to two offences contrary to section 127 of the Communications Act, Scotland Yard said.

Mwaikambo, who lives just yards away from the tower, had watched the blaze entrench the building throughout the night and had made beverages for firefighters as they attempted to stop the blaze.

However later on Wednesday morning he saw a body bag outside his flat and took the photos on his iPad and uploaded them to social media.

At least 30 people are known to have died with many more missing as fire ripped through the 24-storey building in the early hours of Wednesday morning.