Lil Kim to release Memoir and Documentary


In 2008 Lil Kim was sued by Simon & Schuster Publishing Company after agreeing to put pen to paper on a deal which would see the Brooklyn based rapper publish her memoir. Despite the lucrative deal in place, ‘Queen Bee’ failed to hand in a completed article giving Simon & Schuster no choice but to file a Law suit against the Hip Hop Temptress. S & S offered Kim a $40,000 advance to incorporate the entire life story so far however Kim was reluctant to divulge this information.

“When I did my book deal they were basically like ‘we want the Kim life story.’ But my lawyers were like ‘no, no, that’s like four different checks. Cause [my story is] to be continued, to be continued, to be continued.” 

On Wednesday 16th of November 2011, Lil Kim announced that she will be releasing a tell tale book entitled ‘The Price Of Loyalty‘  which will be released alongside an untitled documentary both of which will explore life before and after her one year and a day prison sentence which ended in 2006 for purjury due to her false information attaining to a shooting that occured in 2001.

The release date for both book & and documentary are yet to be confirmed, however Kim has expressed her delight at getting the opportunity to tell her side of the story ‘how she wants it’.

By Shenahl Samarasinghe

Edited by Tanya Royes