Leveno Has Unveiled The World’s First Foldable Laptop


The Chinese tech company, Leveno, has released the “world’s first foldable PC”.

The laptop will fold into a tablet, the size of a book. The laptop has a 13.3 inch screen when fully open, an all day battery, stereo speakers, an infrared camera and more. The laptop is seemingly perfect for people who travel or who are on the go, due to the size, and the promise of an all-day better life make it perfect for people on the go.

Despite the crease in the middle of the screen due to the fold, the laptop seems promising. Reviewers who have already had access  to the laptop noted that the screen is seamless. Weighing at only 2 pounds, it is lightweight as well.

Leveno have said that more details will be to come in 2020.

Users can fold it in half to read their favorite book in bed, unfold it and stand it up to watch their favorite videos hands-freeThey can also use it as a full-screen tablet to take notes during a meeting at the office