Let’s get Dave and Fredo’s song ‘funky friday’ number one!


Dave and Fredo have broken records with their new song “Funky Friday” that dropped on 4th October. In 24 hours the song had been streamed 700,000 times, this song is making a massive impact at the start of the month, it also has had 633,000 streams on Spotify in 24 hours as well.  It’s crazy too see how far these artists are rising, massive congratulations to them both. It’s good to see support for these UK artists as they are currently number 2 in the midweek charts, they are currently in the race with Calvin Harris and Sam Smith for the number 1 spot on the offical UK single charts.

Dave went to twitter to get everyone to support his new song with Fredo, he tweeted out “Yo everyone! Me and Fredo are #2 in the midweek charts and so close to #1 with Funky Friday all your support so far has been crazy, to make this #1 I need you guys to buy Funky Friday on the Itunes store for 99p”.

It’s would be a massive achievement for Dave and Fredo to get to #1 in the charts that would be a special moment for the UK rap scene so let’s support by buying the single for 99p here and to keep streaming the song on spotify.