Lethal Bizzle speaks out on Youtube vs Drill epidemic


Who better to express themselves on how the media make judgements on UK music genres than Lethal Bizzle himself. The Grime maestro took to twitter to speak on the rise of condemning towards the UK Drill music scene.

With Grime being an epitome for the British media to target, recent interviews has showcased just exactly how journalist’s choose to approach music as a scapegoat to wrong-doings in society.

In an interview with GMB, Lethal did not  hesitate to defend the music genre he is best known for, further adding that former prime minister David Cameron once tried to blame him for the up rise in crime within London. “At this moment in stage, it’s about trying to find a solution and not trying to find a blame”. 

With the media helplessly tarnishing the name of Drill, Youtube has now taken to their platform to delete 30 videos from the music genre after Met police link it to violence, in aid to prevent this music and culture from spreading.

Lethal clearly speaks out on personal encounters with this type of discredit towards certain types of music and re-assures any artist within the Drill industry in attempt to change their life to keep the music coming and use every platform possible to do so.

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