Laughta strips down for ‘Sex Sells’ freestyle


Laughta has released a brand new freestyle entitled, ‘Sex Sells’. In the freestyle, the rapper raps about being different and the comments she receives as a woman from online trolls especially with how unique her style is. 
When speaking about the freestyle, Laughta says “I wrote this freestyle to empower myself and other women to not feel pressurised to look a certain way. As a woman regardless of what you wear, you get judged on your image. Can you ever get it right? If I wear a tracksuit I get called too boyish, if I wear a short skirt I get called a thot or fat. The message is be happy to be yourself and don’t be afraid be unique!”

Watch the freestyle below:


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Sex Sells freestyle Produced by @scotti_dee @scholardj 🍭 Who do I please They wanna talk tell me who do I be Sex sells but I strip down beats Should I strip down naked too so they see I got bars but that’s not enough If I gotta a tracksuit am I still so buff Or do I need to get a dress and a clutch If I get a boob job is that too much? I can never get it right Am I being too manly or thotting on the mic Got flows and punchlines shows & clarity But they wanna talk about dis similarity She’s got bars but she’s got no back She’s got back but she’s got no track She’s got stats but she’s got no stats She’s my main chick she’s my throw back She’s got swag but she’s not pretty She’s so fat & she’s so skinny She’s so clapped and she’s so dippy She’s not gang n she’s not gritty She’d sound better with the auto tune Should I stop going hard & sing on tunes Should I be a barbie for the action man I’d rather set goals and action plans

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