LA Reid sacked from Epic Records after sexual harassment allegation


What a WOW. Antonio Reid also known as as ‘L.A’ has been forced to step down from his CEO position at Sony Music Entertainments Epic Records after a female assistant claimed he ‘unlawfully harassed’ her.

Reid, who has won three Grammy’s over time, made his first mark in the music industry in the 80’s, he was the drummer of band ‘The Deele’. Later on him and fellow group member Kenneth Edmonds left the band to establish LAFace Records in 1989. Since then the success has been unreal, from writing and producing hits for such acts as Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston and The Whispers.

L.A has ran many labels including Epic, Universal Music Groups Island/Def Jam and LAFace Records which was founded by himself back in 1989 and eventually transitioned into Sony.

In a letter to Sony, the claimants attorney stated that his client had faced alleged harassment on a daily basis, this included alleged inappropriate remarks on her appearance and clothes which caused her distress and embarrassment leaving her unable to continue working for the company.

Reids lawyer declined to comment, the claimant and her lawyer declined to comment any further also.