Kendrick Lamar Will Be Featured on The Game’s Final Album

kendrick and the game

In December 2016, West Coast rapper, The Game, revealed that his upcoming tenth studio album will be his last. Five months later and the rapper has announced, via Instagram post, that one of his fellow Californian peers will be joining him on the project – Kendrick Lamar.

The album title, Westside Story, is a suitable name for the last chapter of the rapper’s discography, as it shares the name with one of the first singles from ‘The Documentary’; The Game’s debut album. Of course this wouldn’t be the first time the two have joined forces on The City, On Me and See No Evil. The Game has also continued to show that he is a big supporter of Kendrick’s music, which was evident when he posted this picture to Instagram:

From me to whoever THE FUCK is concerned…… this album is a DOPE AS FUCK blood !!! & it’s the Lil homie’s 3rd LP…. if you are a true fan of HIP HOP, then you have it memorized by now !!! If you are a hip hop fan & you do not have @kendricklamar shit by now…… FUCK YOU, that’s on Compton, Bompton & my hood & my kids…. my lil nigga raw as fuck & it been that way…. Dot I’m proud of you blood, Top.. you know what it is wit OG CHUCK homie….. I studied the album & im proud of this shit my nigga !!! K-Dot, you know where we from & what it took for niggas like us to not only make it out the HUB alive but to achieve greatness on the same accord is nothing short of a blessing….. this shit got me beyond motivated.. glad REAL RAP still exist…. no disrespect to you sucka niggas… but fuck y’all, you can’t rap & ya mama know you ain’t shit….. this COMPTON Shit ain’t never been for play… I brought @DrDre back to the hood & showed him what is was on Cedar Block….. “WESTSIDE STORY” coming soon…… ✌🏾 #PacWouldBeProud #CaliforniaLove #WaitTiliGetOffHouseArrest #TheSummerIsMine #LosAngelesKing #ifYoureOffendedEatADick #illBeHumbleAnotherDay #ThugLife #TheBlackWallstreet #BloodMoney #HurricaneHasSpoken

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While fans wait in patience for The Game to announce a release date for the album, we can expect that the rapper is definitely going to invite some great talent to contribute to his finale.