Kehlani cancels European tour due to ‘Unexpected Surgery’

Kehlani has postponed her European tour to endure an emergency Hernia surgery. The R&B singer, who recently smashed her tour in the UK, shared the sad news on a social media post.

Her programmed shows in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium and Netherlands will now be rescheduled to allow her to get the surgery done and ‘heal up,’ and she’s promised to refund ticketholders.  

As for umbilical hernias, according to The Mayo Clinic, while they are most common in babies (and often close before the age of four), they can appear in adulthood. They form when part of the intestine protrudes through the umbilical opening of the ab muscles. They’re often harmless, but complications can arise (including the possibility of feeling strong pain, vomiting, obstruction of the intestines and the hernia bulge becoming tender, discolored or swollen), and in Kehlani’s case, can require surgery.