DJ Juls: ‘It’s About Putting Africa On The Map’


In every industry, corporation, sport or team there’s a guy that doesn’t get credit. I’m sure we’ve done something before and some random guy takes credit for it. It’s ok though because it’s no big deal, you’re humble right?

Well producers are probably the most humble and overlooked people within music. We see a number of producers composing the best songs and not really being seen as the image of the effort put in. At times, producers/Dj’s are seen more for their personalities on camera and not necessarily their work.

Fortunately, as of recent times producers are being recognised for their hard work and not just a guy behind the scenes. Faces are being known and work is being painted. It’s beautiful to see. It’s opening up more doors, more talents are being discovered and more people are realising that the key to a lot of success is the guy behind the beat.

DJ Juls, has just dropped an LP, entitled ‘Leap Of Faith’. It definitely is a jump of magic. It wasn’t until recent times that producers made their own body of work. People would say it is a scary thing to do. It takes a ‘Leap of Faith’ to do so. (Yes, Pun intended).

The LP is much more than an Afrobeats vibe. So much flavours, from Kojo Funds, to Kojey Radical, I can’t pin point where it exactly fits in. I am for sure it’s worth the listen. The main aim behind this was to put Africa on the map. Majority of acts on the LP are UK based. With the exception of Canadian, Nonso Amadi.

The LP available on all major digital platforms.